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101 Kats wiki is a wiki about a game called 101 Kats, where the 2 main objectives are to collect all 101 kats, and defeat the 101st Champion. Creating kats , buildings, enemies, abilities and other features in the game are all welcome here!


Once there are 101 kats, please don't add anymore. Creating an 102nd, 103rd etc. Will result in it being deleted. If another kat gets deleted, your kat may take it's place.

No using inaproppiate language/profanity in chat, OR in the forums and etc. Repeated breaking of this rule will result in your account being temporarily blocked. If you then continue to break this rule, you may be blocked permanently.

Please don't edit other users' pages unless:

They give you permission

You're adding your own picture of it

Please don't annoy staff. They may ban/block/kick you.

If your ban/block is more than 3 days long, you may ask an admin/bureacrat to unban/block you. Such will only be done if the reason given is valid.


We are currently in need of staff, so tell us why you deserve to be one here.


Bureaucrats - These staff can promote and demote other users. Considering the only people who can demote them are themselves, they're pretty much invincible.


Admins - Pretty much Bureaucrats, except with slightly less powers.

None yet..

Chat Moderators - These staff are on the chat very often. Sometimes they're just sat there. I don't really know why.



Rollbacks - People who rollback your bad edits into good, yummy sushis! ..Or just simply rolls! Well, they roll them back into what you like the best!

None yet..


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