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For a list of Abilities, see this page.

Abilities are what kats use in battle to defeat the enemy kat. Some damage the target, some boost stats, and others are even more unique. Just like kats, they have elements, but only one.

Qualities Of An Ability

Element: Most abilities have an element. The ones that don't are called physical abilities, since they are physical, not magical. All kats learn at least one physical ability.

Base Power: All abilities have a base power. These tell you how heavy the damage it does is, how much it heals the target, and such. A kat's power and defense can effect the base power.

Accuracy: Accuracy is how much of a chance the ability has of working. The higher the accuracy, the lower the chance the ability doesn't work.

Ability Classes

Damaging Abilities

These are the most common kinds of abilities. They damage the target, eventually knocking them out. Their base power can range greatly.

Damage Over Time Abilities (Or DoT Abilities for short)

These abilities usually deal a small amount of damage first. They then deal a slightly higher amount of damage per round for a set amount of rounds.

KO Abilities

These abilities are the most powerful kinds of abilities. Despite having extremely low accuracy, they can knock out a kat in one hit.

Healing Abilities

Healing Abilities heal the user. They usually have high accuracy.

Heal Over Time Abilities (Or HoT Abilities for short)

These abilities do the same thing as DoT abilities, except they heal instead of deal damage.

Buff Abilities

These abilities boost the user's attacks, heals, power, defense or speed.

Debuff Abilities

The exact opposite of buffs. These are used on the enemy, and lower their stats.

Unique Abilities

Any abilities that don't do any of the above, or do one of the above in a different/unique way.

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