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The empowerer is the 49th Kat, with a deceivingly High stat total, but with a trick. It has a 10% chance of being bred when breeding a ??? and ??? Kat.

Element(s): Physical

'Weakness:  None

Strength(s): Most

Power At Level 1: 115

Speed At Level 1: 20

Defense At Level 1: 115

Health At Level 1: 270

Progress: Small

Negative effects: Rapid depletion of stats

Passive ability[]

Its passive ability is what makes up for its vast power, Identical to the Empowerer passive ability, exept it goes down instead of up[]


Level 1:

Level 7:

Level 10:

Level 14: 

Level 18: 

Level 25: 

Coming soon

Feline factbook entry[]

"WHAT IS THIS? THIS IS INSAN- oh thats not so bad." ~ Most kats.

Scientific Feline facbook entry[]

"It has a Very potent adreniline system, although extreamly inefficient, explaining its short lived effects and showing a high resembelence to its cousin the Empowerer" ~ Some sort of scientist.