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The empowerer is the 51st Kat, with a deceivingly low stat total, but with a trick. It has a 10% chance of being bred when breeding a ??? and ??? Kat.

Element(s): Physical

'Weakness':  Unknown

Strength(s): Nothing

Power At Level 1: 15

Speed At Level 1: 20

Defense At Level 1: 15

Health At Level 1: 50

Progress: Small

Negative effects: EXTREAMELY low starting stats

Passive ability[]

Its passive ability is what makes this guy work, every turn it is alive, its defence, health (+ the cap) and attack grow by 5, next turn grows by 6, then 7 ,then 8 and so forth, if its not brought down quickly it will soon bring down entire teams with ease, Upon the battle ending, the stats go to normal (if leveling obviously it gains some perminant stat boosts).


Level 1: Early game protecton (Passive, activates at the start of it bieng battled, mandatory, lasts for 3 turns) Takes 90% less damage for the first 3 turns of bieng active. 

Level 5: Drainer: deals less damage than a standard punch, but takes 3 stat points from the opponent and gives it to you (3 damage, 3 defence and 6 health).

Level 7: For 2 turns: focus all increasing power to health.

'Level 7: 'For 2 turns: focus all increasing power to defence.

'Level 7: 'For 2 turns: focus all increasing power to damage.

Level 10:

Level 14: 

Level 18: 

Level 25: 

Coming soon

Feline factbook entry[]

"Haha, your putting me against this thing, its so weak, ha- OH WHAT TH-" ~ Most kats.

Scientific Feline factbook entry[]

"it appears that the empowerer has some sort of adrenaline like system, unimaginable potent, but very slow acting, explaining its wierd growth habits and showing a high resembelence to its cousin the Depowerer" ~ Some sort of scientist.