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Mothership kat, is a very well armored, but highly low attack, VERY large cat, it does its damage by creating swarms of mini cats to do its attacks

Mothership Kat is the 21st Kat. It has a 10% chance of being bred when breeding a ??? and ???.

Element(s): Metal and Fire (Yes, it forges mini cats IN FIRE!)


Strength(s): Electric and a lot of damage

Power At Level 1: 10

Speed At Level 1: 10

Defense At Level 1: 80

Health At Level 1: 225

Progress: Very High

Negative effects: VERY Low leveling rate, VERY Hard to get


Level 1: Backup! (Small)

'Level 6: 'Backup! (Medium)

Level 10: Backup! (Seige)

Level 12: Backup! (PASSIVE(So it goes one while other cats are attacking))

'Level 16: 'Backup! (Large)

'Level 22:'Backup! (Large seige)

Level 30: Backup! (MEGA ATTACK)

Feline factbook entryEdit[]

"Oh, you dont like cats clawing your face off? HERE HAVE A DOZEN MOR-BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG"