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Neon Kat

Neon Kat is the 10th Kat. It has a 20% chance of being bred when breeding a Flame and Light Kat.

Element(s): Fire&Light

'Weakness'(s): Water&Dark

Strength(s): Nature&Earth

Power At Level 1: 65

Speed At Level 1: 37

Defense At Level 1: 19

Health At Level 1: 72

Progress: 20


Level 3: Campfire + Hiss

Level 7: Crusade

Level 11: Regenerate

Level 16: Rave Party

Feline Factbook Entry

Are you a party animal? Do you want to have rave parties all day long? Then Neon Kat is going to be your best buddy! When Neon Kat can sense a party far away, it suddenly starts flashing vibrant colours and dances. It's unknown what kind of dance it is, but it somewhat resembles the harlem shake.


Although not the first Kat ever thought up, it is the first Kat to have it's page created.