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Turtle cat is very powerful, it has massive defence and attack, but hard to obtain, takes a long time to level up and has low speed. Is close relative is the Beetle Kat.

Turtle Kat is the 22nd Kat. It has a 10% chance of being bred when breeding a Beetle Kat and Mothership Kat Kat.

Element(s): Metal and Rock


Strength(s): Electric

Power At Level 1: 85

Speed At Level 1: 20

Defense At Level 1: 50

Health At Level 1: 130

Progress: High

Negative effects: Low leveling rate, Hard to get


Level 1: Rock spray

Level 7: Iron barrier

Level 10: Repair

Level 18: Backup! (mini)

Level 25: Rock bombard

Feline factbook entry[]

"50% of the population love cats, the other 50% of the population love turtles, therefore everyone loves me :3" ~ Turtle Kat